University of Lahore

Engineering disciplines have come a long way in developing societies to a level that we observe in our surroundings. In initial stages Civil, Mechanical & Electrical were the main technologies being offered in all engineering setups. As the development progressed and services had to be provided to growing Population, new and more productive methods became the need of the time. New innovation and ideas became research models. This brought in specialization which needed more productive machines & methods. In order to achieve these objectives, new Technologies were introduced to justify demand pattern.

BSc Engineering Technology programme is an off shoot of General Engineering in Electrical, Mechanical & Civil and is more into production and catering for the Industry needs of talented engineers thus contributing towards better production of quality goods in a competitive market. The spread of the subjects through curriculum development is more oriented towards learning skills. It has a built in mechanism to promote better & high quality products. Our courses are blends of general subjects like English, Math, Applied Physics etc, helping students enter into the domain of Engineering disciplines gradually. University has remodeled its curriculum, enhanced workshop facilities and hired better qualified and experienced faculty.

Realizing the impact of a better qualified Engineer on the overall improvement of products and services, the University has brought in a new trend into its learning process by providing exclusive Industrial training and Industrial visits to various relevant Industries and Engineering set ups to our students. The students are now being sent for various industrial visits accompanied by faculty members. In this context academic calendar has been remodeled. Annual and Semester system students will go to various Industries for two months training during the months of July and August.

This program will be monitored by the Faculty on regular basis. The student will prepare their progress report for evaluation by the selected body from the faculty to earn them credit hours. The ultimate benefit of such an Industrial exposure program has the likelihood of lot many students, hopefully, being offered jobs in the Industry itself. Graduates of Technology are the future architects of economic envelopment of the country. The University is aware of these challenges, and will strive to have the skills of Technology graduates to fit into all weather Industrial & Design requirements of tomorrow.

Dean Message

Technical Education plays a vital role in the development of the country.Institutes offering programme in Engineering & Technology have contributed much in the construction projects of the country. The University of Lahore has helped the society in training about 13000 students in different disciplines.


HOD Message

The Department of Technology was established in 2006, aiming at imparting quality technology education and ensuring practical professional training to our students in coordination with the industrial sector. A full time BSc Engineering Technology (Hons four year programme was launched under the academic supervision of seasoned educationists with a view to producing true professionals in the fields of Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Technologies. Industrial Training Cell was established to provide on job training and internship to the students