S.No Title Type Year Name Group-Name
1 NA Journal NA Muhammad Shahzad
2 Power System Voltage Profile Enhancement by the Static Synchronous Series Compensator and using FIPSO algorithm Conference 2017 Engr. H. Shahid Mehmood
3 Energy-Load Aware Routing Metric for Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks Conference 2015 Umair Rashid
4 A novel pricing mechanism for demand side load management in smart grid Conference 2017 Muhammad Awais
5 Transmission Line Theory based NB-PLC Channel Modeling for Aircraft Conference 2016 Engr. Muhammad Usman Gul
6 Windows Interface for Disable Person Journal 2014 Adeel Ahmed
7 Design And Implementation Of A Low Cost Inverted Pendulum Structure For Experimentation Purposes Journal 2015 Adeel Ahmed
8 Wireless Telemetry System for 3-Phase Energy Meter Usins Zigbee and GSM Journal 2015 Adeel Ahmed
9 Low Cost Computer Numeric Controller using open Source Software and Hardware Journal 2015 Adeel Ahmed
10 Transient stability analysis of an islanded microgrid under variable load Conference 2016 Muhammad Awais
11 Real Time Information Based Energy Management Using Customer Preferences and Dynamic Pricing in Smart Homes Journal 2016 Muhammad Awais
12 Priority and Delay Constrained Demand Side Management in Real-Time Price Environment With Renewable Energy Source Journal 2016 Muhammad Awais
13 Estimation of probable maximum precipitation for one day duration: A case study of Gujjar Khan in Potwar region, Pakistan Journal 2015 Muhammad Waseem Boota
14 Comparison of S Band Diplexer Design using Multiplexer Theory with Coupling Matrix Synthesis Conference 2015 Hisham Khalil
15 Design and Comparison of cross coupled log periodic symmetric and asymmetric feed line diplexer Conference 2015 Hisham Khalil
16 Image Steganography and Compression by Discarding Least Significant Bits Journal 2015 Hafiz Usama Hashmat
17 An Energy Efficient Residential Load Management System for Multi-Class Appliances in Smart Homes Conference 2015 Muhammad Awais
18 An Efficient Genetic Algorithm Based Demand Side Management Scheme for Smart Grid Conference 2015 Muhammad Awais
19 Real-Time Pricing with Demand Response Model for Autonomous Homes Conference 2015 Muhammad Awais
20 Overload Management in Transmission System using Particle Swarm Optimization Conference 2015 Muhammad Awais
21 Effect of Starting Microstructure on Material Removal Rate (MRR) of AISI 1045 Steel in (Die-Sinking) Electric Discharge Machining Journal 2015 Muhammad Rizwan Zafar Ch.
22 NA Journal 1 Sohail Nazim Qureshi
23 NA Journal 1 Muhammad Zeeshan Islam
24 Petroleum Geochemistry of Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan: II Oil-oil and oil-source rock correlation Journal 2015 Dr.Arif Nazir
25 Petroleum Geochemistry of Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan: I Geochemical Interpretation and Origin of Crude Oils Journal 2014 Dr.Arif Nazir
26 The Geochemical characterization of sediments from Early Cretaceous Sembar Formation Journal 2012 Dr.Arif Nazir
27 Source correlation between biodegraded oil seeps and a commercial crude oil from the Punjab Basin, Pakistan Journal 2011 Dr.Arif Nazir
28 To design a dc distribution system wit improved stability and reliability by using solid state transformer for all home appliances Conference 2015 Mian Usman Zahid
29 Applications of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Assess the Source and Thermal Maturity of the Crude Oils from the Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan Journal 2011 Dr.Arif Nazir
30 Geochemical Investigation of Crude Oils from Different Oil Fields of the Potwar Basin Journal 2009 Dr.Arif Nazir
31 Design and Implementation of a low cost inverted pendulum structure for experimentation purposes Journal 2015 Mian Usman Zahid
32 Protection of Distribution Transformer using Arduino Platform Journal 2015 Adil Naseem
33 Design, Implementation, And Fabrication Parameters Of Switchgear Journal 2014 Adil Naseem
34 Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System Journal 2014 Adil Naseem
36 Impact of International Politics on Pakistan`s Energy Crisis Journal 2013 Yasir Dawood
37 Design and comparison of cross coupled log periodic symmetric and asymmetric feed line diplexer Conference 2014 Engr. Muhammad Usman Gul
38 Design Solar Charger for Lead-Acid Battery With MPPT Conference 2014 Engr. Muhammad Usman Gul
39 Nonlinear dynamic of periodically cardiac pacemaker Journal 2013 Engr. Muhammad Usman Gul
40 Error Compensation in OFDM System by dynamic selection of Cyclic extension length Journal 2013 Engr. Muhammad Usman Gul

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